Eduware's latest technology trends in education at "Connect plus"

Wednesday 30 November 2011, 53 educational institutions in Lebanon stayed connected with Eduware exhibiting for the third year at Connect plus, in Mansourieh hosted by The General Secretariat of Catholic Schools in Lebanon. Eduware is proud to own the stage at the four day exhibition by its unique and cutting edge leaders in the field of technology in education. Eduware is the first in its kind to produce an interactive ebook factory. Computer eBook Series are integrated in a way that enables students to learn ICT skills and broadly explore the application of math and sciences in informatics and in the real world environment. eBook contains interactive tags, interactive exercises and with an offline interactive ebook, one can do the homework from anywhere with less carry on. 


Managing Director of Eduware Mr. Khaled El Sharif said: "We are very proud to be the chosen ICT Company to support, implement and develop contemporary technology methods in education in the Catholic schools. We engage with different and upbeat partners so that no institution is left behind."

Eduware's booth has three international partners: Robotics, NAO the interactive humanoid robot where he recognizes faces, detects objects, listens, walks, speaks and communicates. It is the ideal platform for exploring human robot interaction, education, research in fields related to robotics or the use of robots to assist people. In addition it provides a specially designed curriculum for students from age 15 to 24 which enable them to program their own robots in the near future. Eureka, Designmate is a 23 year old 3D production house developing creative eContent for K12 education. They pioneer in use of animations and graphics to simplify concepts of Science, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. The eContent library of educational resources - videos, images, text, simulations, quizzes, virtual laboratories and 3D movies is well known around the world of Eureka. And Language nut, has been designed to support primary school teachers in the delivery of Key Stage 2 Modern Foreign Languages.


Jamie Fries, Founder and CEO of Languagenut, commented on the launch: "We are excited about the launch of our Lebanese operation in partnership with Eduware, which strengthens our presence in this region. There is good work happening in Lebanon with regard to IT access and infrastructure and we are delighted to be a part of this. As more and more schools seek to expose their students to a diverse range of languages, we are proud to support them in this endeavour." Today Eduware is a company specialized in promoting and supporting technology in education for schools and community. And is always enthusiastic about sharing its latest trends with the dynamic crowd of "Connect plus."

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