Eduware in the Arab World

Eduware, founded 20 years ago in Beirut, is proud to provide services and products for the technology in education integration through comprehensive and coherent technological solutions. Based on Eduware’s experience, the company established a branch in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Eduware Arabia.

Eduware is proud to enter into a partnership on a technological level with many schools in Saudi Arabia.

Eduware Arabia began applying technological solutions by offering its services and products to more than 18,000 learners.

This number is in constant growth due to the ascending schools’ trust in the company’s product and services.

Eduware established a solid relationship with all its customers and developed a Memorandum of Understanding with several schools and the company became known in the Saudi society.

Eduware Arabia has succeeded due to its ability to meet the unique needs of each school, to help in preparing for the 21st century society in technology in education.

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