Eduware and Intertec towards educational success

The Minister of Education and Higher Education Elias Abou Saab headed a comprehensive technical educational meeting in the presence of Director General of Education Fadi Yarak, director of the Centre of Educational Research and Development (CERD) Dr. Leila Fayad, Director of Secondary Education Mr. Mohyiddine Kechli, Director of Primary Education Mr. Georges Dawood, Head of the IT Unit in the Ministry Mr. Toufic Karam, Director of the Educational Development Dr. Nada Mneimneh, Head of the IT Unit at the CERD Mr. Antoine Skaff, Head of the Bekaa Regional Educational Bureau Mr. Youssef Braidi, UNDP Director at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education Ms. Paulette Assaf and Head of the Private Education Administration Mr. Imad Al Achkar and a technical delegation representing the Consortium of companies running the School Management Information System (SMIS) represented by Mr. Khaled Al Sherif and Mr. Khaled Rawda.     

Mr. Khaled Rawda, from Eduware, demonstrated the concept of the SMIS and its benefit to the public primary and secondary schools on all levels. The technicians emphasized on adopting the unified code for students, which is the numbering system that the CERD is currently using while waiting to have a unified numbering system for all the citizens. The conferees explained how they are benefitting from the information entered in the SMIS in the statistics and in the administrative and educational work, and how they are basing the educational and administrative decisions on accurate data that would allow the follow up and the development of curricula and the examination of strength and weakness points in the educational system.

From his part, Minister Abou Saab emphasized that the challenge consists at involving all the educational and administrative boards in every school in the IT project that has the capacity of taking in all these information. This would enable Schools Principals and Regional Educational Bureaus, and specifically the Directorate General of the Education and the educational decision-makers from benefitting from the information.

Minister Abou Saab asserted that the success in the experimental sample is the indicator that would disclose the involvement of the school administrations and the educational board in this IT Project that reveals educational indicators. He also added that the Directorate General at the Ministry will definitely train all the people concerned to be able to adjust with the system, and the Directorate General would be obliged to change any principal that doesn’t seek to follow up on this evolution and implement it.

The Minister also examined the details of the project and the concerned parties and checked its efficiency, as well as the challenges that the people working on it are facing.

The Minister stressed the importance of using tablets with students and not only papers, and asked the Directorate General to raise reports on the capacity of the regional educational bureaus and schools to turn towards computerization in the administrative and educational work.  

In addition, Minister Abou Saab received a delegation from the Network of the Orthodox Schools presided by Father Georges Dimas, in the presence of Director General of Education Fadi Yarak. The delegation felicitated the Minister for his appointment in the Ministry of Education and expressed the hopes built on him to make accomplishments in this extremely important field in Lebanon. The delegation also placed the capacities of the Network in the service of the Minister.

The Minister thanked the delegation and his President, Father Dimas, for this kind gesture, while asserting that he will put his expertise and deploy all efforts in the service of Education and of the learners in Lebanon in order to achieve the highest level of Education.

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