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Since 1994 National Technology Company - Eduware introduced a set of Advanced Computing and Education Services - ACES ® to help schooling organizations learn and change via technology.

Eduware treats each category differently in order to ensure the best education to students. We speak of a new age, an era of multidimensional technologies that quickly transform our lives to best serve the students through passing by different categories: counselor, teachers, principal, administration, and teachers.  

We orbit our product and services around ICT nourishing all different areas of concerns in schools:

  • Teaching the learners about technology.
  • Instructors using technology to teach.
  • Learners using technology to learn .
  • Institutes using technology to manage instruction and business.
The future mandates working swiftly and smartly. Our solutions should allow students to become faster learners, identifying opportunities, innovating, securing businesses, being agile, while preserving values and promoting dignity.


Eduware serves the Middle East innovative products helping them develop new strategies of work, facilitating the school management, and computerizing their content. 

By providing technology in education in schools from the SIS exchange, our core module to all the add-ons and the e-book, we are exchanging and interlinking information from all our products, promoting greater power efficiency, enabling more features, enhancing a better and faster performance and creating new possibilities to learn, produce, and connect.

School Information System (SIS)

Our SIS manages all areas of a school.


School Information System (SIS)

• Instruction
• Staff
• Registration
• Health
• Library
• Activities
• Principal Dashboard  
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SIS Financial

• General Ledger and Budgeting
• Inventory
• Payroll.
• Fixed Asset


ICT eBooks


School Year Book


Time Table System


Mobile APP


Website and Portal 

Eduware is freshly made technology in education material customizing all our services to suit your school. When it comes to professional development and web development, we ensure great results from schools, teachers, students and parents side. The way we do this is by staying up-to-date, involved, and creative in any related field whether it is technology or/and technology. 


Professional Development  Ongoing education is a requirement for teachers of every school level, known as a professional development. This education is usually under a form of workshops, seminars, and training courses to help teachers stay up-to-date with the new trends and learn fresh strategies, techniques and methods for classroom challenges.
Eduware Professional Development center takes educators from initial stages of integrating ICT in education to the mature stages of using international e-learning standards and customized roadmaps. Eduware PDC provides also services for pre-service teachers and higher education institution.
Eduware provides also long term cooperation with educational institution, by setting and launching new educational technology courses, providing joint ICT education lectures and training sessions, and by offering its product such as SIS (School Information System), TMS (Teacher Management System), and e-book factory for student practices and building of professional expertise.

Web Development

Taking part in the global village of knowledge, schools are required to be online. With Eduware’s highly dedicated team of expertise, we believe that professional web development plays an important role in any business growth.

At our company, your requirements meet our passion to providing unique web services, which transform your vision of your organization to success.


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