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Eduware Bookstore Manual

Eduware Bookstore is an online platform that allows publishers and authors from all over the world to publish their books and content into electronic versions- eBooks.
Eduware Bookstore services’ process is very simple. Send us your books and we will convert them into flip digital copies and publish them on our store to make them ready for sale.
In addition to the flipping feature of the digital books, you can choose to get an interactive copy of your eBooks including different types of tags such as videos, web links, flipping images, and audios.
Your eBooks will be operational on Windows 10, iOS, and on Android devices.
Be sure that your books cannot be more reachable!
As readers, to join Eduware Bookstore, just visit our website, register, and purchase the eBooks you desire, to activate them on our free applications.
As publishers, to join Eduware Bookstore, please do not hesitate to call us or send us an email. 


App. Description Link
iOS Activate your books and enjoy them on our Free iOS application app Store
Android Activate your books and enjoy them on our Free Android application google play store
Windows Activate your books and enjoy them on our Free windows application Windows 10 store
Portal  Register and purchase the books you desire from Eduware Bookstore EduBook store




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